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Version 1.3.0


The Zest_Battery_LiPo is an electronics development board for 6TRON open source platform, featuring a complete Lithium Polymer and Lithium-ion battery management unit.

The Zest_Battery_LiPo integrates the following elements:

  • A standalone charger for USB and adapter power MAX8903H from Maxim Integrated. The charge current and the input current limit can be adjusted through onboard resistors. The circuit is set for an 800mA.h Lithium-Polymer battery from BAK (LP-573442-1S-3)

  • An ultra-low power stand-alone fuel gauge MAX17201G from Maxim Integrated. The gauge is continuously powered while the battery is connected. Using the programmed specs of the cell and dedicated algorithms, it provides an accurate state of charge.

The battery can be disconnected from the 6TRON header through the switch SW1.

3 LED indicators inform of the status of the charger:

  • LED1 RED : Charging Error

  • LED2 GREEN : Power Source Connected and correct

  • LED3 ORANGE : In-Charge

An additional LED (LED4 ALERT) controlled by the Gauge informs of a programmed event (battery voltage or current, SOC, temperature).

The Zest_Battery_LiPo can operate with 2 independent power inputs that can be used simultaneously: an external power source (the socket on the Zest_Core for example) and a micro USB-C header present on the charger board. In the later case, the current is limited to 500mA.


*Consumption of an average European per year


MAX89032A ,1 Cell DC/DC battery charger for USB and power adapter
MAX17201Stand-alone model gauge M5 fuel gauge
Connectivity80-pin 6TRON header Molex 530480310 3-pin battery header USB type C charging header
Board size80 x 39 mm
Power Supply4.5 to 12V, 1.5A from Satck VJack 5V - 500mA from USB

Block Diagram

The graphics below gives an overview of the board features and connections.


80-pin 6TRON header

This table shows how the pinout on Zest_Battery_LiPo corresponds to the pinout on the 6TRON BUS connector (the latter shown in the two middle columns).

Description6TRON functionPin numberPin number6TRON functionDescription
External Power SupplyVJACK12VJACKExternal Power Supply
External Power SupplyVJACK34VJACKExternal Power Supply
Fault Input (alternate)DIO8910VIN_ENPulled to GND
Alert Input (alternate)DIO71112DIO9-
Charge Input (alternate)DIO61314DIO10-
Power OK Input (alternate)DIO51718DIO12-
6TRON Stack Power SupplyVIN2324VIN6TRON Stack Power Supply
6TRON Stack Power SupplyVIN2526VIN6TRON Stack Power Supply
Zest_Battery Power enableVB_EN2728DIO13-
VB_EN biasVB_OUT2930DIO14-
Charge InputDIO44344VREF-
Power OK InputDIO34546DIO19-
Fault InputDIO24748DIO20-
Alert InputDIO14950DIO21-
I2C DataI2C1_SDA7374DIO33-
I2C ClockI2C1_SCL7576DIO34-

Software Support

The Zest_Battery_LiPo board provides a demo example developed using MBed Os. The board can run on Zest Core development boards.

Environnemental impact



Eco-score details


Passive electronic component0,20g
Active electronic component0,13g
Other component0,00g
Connectors Switchs4,84g
Logique type integrated circuit0,05g
Memory type integrated circuit0,00g


Low voltage electricity voltage France
Supply voltage5V
% use75%
Daily eco-score6,72E-04
Yearly eco-score0,25