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The Zest_Actuator_HalfBridges is an electronics development board for 6TRON opensource platform featuring four power half bridges to control any classical motor (Brushed DC, Brushless, and Stepper).

This board is built around the LM5106SD driver from Texas Instrument, high voltage gates drivers designed to control both the high side and low side of an Half Bridge N-Channel MOSFETs configuration, which make it easier to setup the necessary full bridge used for a motor : a simple DC motor will need only two half bridges, but a brushless motor will need one more to work. Four half bridges will be necessary to use a stepper motor.

The board is powered by an external power supply in the range of 12V to 48V, and will send 12V through VHV pin to supply the entire 6TRON stack.

The Zest_Actuator_HalfBridges can be used for any equipement that requires N-MOSFET bridges to work, with a maximum output of 48V / 10A.




  • Gate Driver used to control the half bridge MOSFETs
  • PWM interface for each half-bridge
  • Global ENABLE signal to turn on and off all drivers
MCP9808Temperature Sensor I2C interface (Address : @0x30)
MCP3425A1Input Voltage Sensor I2C interface (Address : @0xD2)
Connectivity80-pin 6TRON header 2 pins Input Voltage connector 4 pins Output Motors connector
Board size80 x 39 mm
Power Supply12V to 48V from Input Voltage connector
12V (VHV) to stack 3.3V (VREF) from stack

Block Diagram

The graphics below gives an overview of the board features and connections.


80-pin 6TRON header

This table shows how the pinout on Zest_Actuator_HalfBridges corresponds to the pinout on the 6TRON BUS connector (the latter shown in the two middle columns).

Description6TRON functionPin numberPin number6TRON functionDescription
High Voltage External Power SupplyVHV56VHVHigh Voltage External Power Supply
High Voltage External Power SupplyVHV78VHVHigh Voltage External Power Supply
Bridge 4 PWM input (alternate)DIO8910VIN_EN-
Bridge 4 PWM inputDIO71112DIO9-
Bridges enable (alternate)DIO61314DIO10-
-VB_EN2728DIO13Temperature Alert output (alternate)
-DAC13132DIO15Bridges enable (alternate)
Bridge 4 currentADC43334DIO16-
Bridge 3 currentADC33536DIO17-
Bridge 2 currentADC23738DIO18-
Bridge 1 currentADC13940GND-
-DIO44344VREFReference Voltage
Temperature Alert outputDIO24748DIO20-
Bridges enableDIO14950DIO21-
-WKUP5152DIO22Temperature Alert output (alternate)
Bridge 3 PWM inputPWM35556DIO24-
Bridge 2 PWM inputPWM25758DIO25-
Bridge 1 PWM inputPWM15960DIO26-
I2C DataI2C1_SDA7374DIO33-
I2C ClockI2C1_SCL7576DIO34-

Software Support

The Zest_Actuator_HalfBridge provides a demo example developed using Mbed OS. The board can run on Zest Core development boards.

Environmental impact

The Eco score of the Zest_Actuator_HalfBridge is expressed in points representing the environmental impact of an average European per year.



Eco-score details


Passive electronic component7,08g
Active electronic component0,12g
Other component0,00g
Connectors Switchs4,38g
Logique type integrated circuit1,14g
Memory type integrated circuit0,00g


Low voltage electricity voltage France
Supply voltage5V
% use75%