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The Z_Motion is an electronics development board for 6TRON open-source platform built around the STM32L496RG microcontroller from ST Microelectronics. The STM32L496RG is an Arm Cortex M4 32-bit RISC core operating at a frequency of up to 80 MHz. The MCU controls the system: sensor data are processed and transferred to the user through a BLE link. The board integrates the SPBTLE-RF0 RF module from ST Microelectronics, a Bluetooth v4.1 low energy master/slave network processor module with a complete RF platform ( Radio, antenna, High Frequency and LPO oscillators). The RF module has its own 2.4GHz chip antenna. 2 sensors are available:

  • BNO055, an integrated IMU from Bosch. It provides an absolute orientation system and it integrates a data fusion core.
  • BME280, an environment sensor from Bosch. It measures humidity, temperature and pressure and can be used for thermal drift compensation. The board includes a standalone charger from Maxim Integrated. The circuit is set for a 165 mA.h battery. The charge current and the input current limit can be adjusted through onboard resistors. The IC presents an integrated PowerPath that permits the powering of the system while charging the battery. The recharging can be done through a micro-USB-B header present on the Object.

The Z_Motion board offers 6TRON users a Motion Object able to measure various parameters (Acceleration, orientation, altitude, hygrometry, temperature, pressure) and transmit data through a BLE Link at regular time intervals and while presenting very low power operation.



MCU Features:

  • ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4 CPU with floating point unit (FPU)
  • Adaptive real-time accelerator (ART Accelerator™)
  • 80 MHz max CPU frequency
  • 100 DMIPS and DSP instructions
SPBTLE-RFModules Bluetooth - 802.15.1 Tx power: + 4 dBm Rx sensitivity: - 88 dBm Frequency Range: 2.402 GHz to 2.48 GHz
BNO0559 axis absolute orientation sensor : Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer
BME280Combined humidity and pressure sensor
ConnectivityTag connect 10-pin Tag connect micro-USB B
Board size35 x 44 mm
Power Supply1S liPo battery Micro-USB

Block Diagram

The graphics below gives an overview of the board features and connections.


Software Support

The Z_Motion provide a demo example developed using Mbed OS.

Environmental impact

The Eco score of the Z_Motion is expressed in points representing the environmental impact of an average European per year.

Eco-score details


Passive electronic component0,034g
Active electronic component0,0085g
Connectors Switchs3,144g
Logique type integrated circuit0,3685g
Memory type integrated circuit0g


Low voltage electricity voltage France
Supply voltage5V
% use75%