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Mbed Pelion Device Management Demo

Simple Mbed OS application connecting 6TRON boards to Arm Pelion IoT Platform.


The system consists in 6TRON objects pushing measurements to the cloud and receiving commands from distant users. The devices connect to Pelion through 6LoWPAN or LTE-M:

Schematic Organization

Each device features environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure), LED indicators (remotely controlled) and a 6LoWPAN mesh network or a LTE-M interface.

The objects also leverage Pelion ability to push firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates securely.

Pelion device management portal (see screenshot below with two devices connected) allows fleet administrators to easily:

  • Interact with devices (get resource values, set actionable resources)
  • Run and follow FOTA campaigns
  • Manage access rights for devices and users
  • Set Pelion Cloud settings

Overview Pelion Portal

The system finally includes two simplistic interfaces to demonstrate how to connect end-user applications to the Pelion platform:

  • A desktop application:


  • A command line application:
$ python tron-interface actualize-resources-value

Device Z_Environment_1 (16e3bde82110000000000010012b1f2):
Humidity: 36.0752
Pressure: 1008.09
Temperature: 26.74
Device Z_Environment_2 (16e40c8a8990000000000010010d182):
Humidity: 34.834
Pressure: 1009.74
Temperature: 26.94