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The Zest_Core_STM32L4A6RG is an electronics development board for 6TRON opensource platform based on STM32L4A6RG microcontroller from STMicroelectronics.

The STM32L4A6RG is a 32-bit Arm Cortex M4 core running at up to 80 MHz with a single-precision floating point unit. The MCU integrates 320 kB SRAM and 1 MB Flash in a small package (VQFP64). A 32.768 kHz external crystal is also mounted to trim the internal RC oscillator and reach higher accuracy.

The Zest_Core_STM32L4A6RG board features a high density 80-pins interface header integrating configurable standard communication interfaces (at least 1 CAN, 1 SPI, 1 I2C, 5 Analog, 1 UART, 4 PWM, 20 DIO, 1 Reset and 2 Power supply pins). See 80-pin 6TRON header.

Zest_Core_STM32L4A6RG Photo


MCU FeaturesARM 32-bit Cortex-M4 CPU with floating point unit (FPU) 80 MHz max CPU frequency 100 DMIPS and DSP instructions Encryption hardware accelerator: AES (128/256-bit key), HASH (SHA-256)
User Interfaces 1 user LED  1 power LED   1 user push button 1 reset button
Connectivity Micro-USB for UART (through FTDI) Micro-USB device JTAG interface (debug and programming) 80-pin 6TRON headers
Board size 80 x 39 mm
Power SupplyMicro-USB JTAG External (VJack)  3-12V

Block Diagram

The graphics below gives an overview of the board features and connections.

Zest_Core_STM32L4A6RG Block diagram

80-pins 6TRON header

This table shows how the pinout on Zest_Core_STM32L4A6RG corresponds to the pinout on the 6TRON BUS connector (the latter shown in the two middle columns).

Description6TRON functionPin numberPin number6TRON functionDescription
External Power SupplyVJACK12VJACKExternal Power Supply
External Power SupplyVJACK34VJACKExternal Power Supply
I/ODIO8910VIN_ENDisable 6TRON stack power supply from Core
Mother or daughter detectMD1516DIO11I/O
6TRON Stack Power SupplyVIN2324VIN6TRON Stack Power Supply
6TRON Stack Power SupplyVIN2526VIN6TRON Stack Power Supply
Enable 6TRON stack power supply from daughterVB_EN2728DIO13I/O
Power Zest output signalVB_OUT2930DIO14I/O
Analog OutputDAC13132DIO15I/O
Analog InputADC43334DIO16I/O
Analog InputADC33536DIO17I/O
Analog InputADC23738DIO18I/O
Analog InputADC13940GNDGround
Global ResetEXT_NRST4142GNDGround
I/ODIO44344VREFReference Voltage
System wake-upWKUP5152DIO22-
Input CaptureICAPT5354DIO23-
PWM OutputPWM35556DIO24-
PWM OutputPWM25758DIO25-
PWM OutputPWM15960DIO26-
SPI Chip selectSPI1_SS6162DIO27-
SPI ClockSPI1_SCK6364DIO28-
UART core to ZestUART1_TX6970DIO31-
UART Zest  to coreUART1_RX7172DIO32-
I2C DataI2C1_SDA7374DIO33-
I2C ClockI2C1_SCL7576DIO34-
CAN core to driverCAN1_TX7778DIO35-
CAN driver to coreCAN1_RX7980DIO36-

Software Support

Thanks to the Mbed API, any program developed for this specific reference can be easily compiled for the same MCU in another package or even another ARM Cortex-M core during the integration phase of the project.


Application notes

  • Powering 6TRON board