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DEEP IIoT Starter-Kit Getting Started Guide

The starter kit contains the following interconnectable boards:

  • Zest_Core_STM32H743ZG,
  • Zest_Radio_Heracles224G,
  • Zest_Sensor_4-20mA,
  • Zest_Power_12-48V-to-10V,
  • Zest_Security_SecureElement,
  • Zest_RTC_RV-8803-C7.

Step 1 – Zest_Core_STM32H743ZG assembly


  • 1x Zest_Core_STM32H743ZG,
  • 4x M3 female to female round plastic standoffs, 8 mm,
  • 2x M3 male to female hex metal standoffs, 20 mm,
  • 2x M3 metal screws, 6 mm.

Assembly: Zest_Core_STM32H743ZG

Step 2 – Zest_Sensor_4-20mA configuration

The Zest_Sensor_4-20mA can interconnect 4 analog sensors. The user can choose 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA interfaces. Each channel can be configured with a jumper on J7 to J10. Zest_Sensor_4-20mA

The pinout on J3 to J6 is the following:

2Sensor supply

Step 3 – Boards assembly

Stack the different boards and screw them with standoffs.

On P1:

  • Zest_Sensor_4-20mA
  • Zest_Security_SecureElement
  • Zest_RTC_RV-8803-C7

On P2:

  • Zest_Power_12-48V-to-10V
  • Zest_Radio_Heracles224G

Assembly should look like pictured below.

On P1: P1

On P2: P2

Step 4 – Power on

Connect the different analog sensors to the J3 to J6 ports on Zest_Sensor_4-20mA thanks to ZER-05V-S JST connectors.

Connect the external power source (12 to 48V, depending on the sensors used) on the J6 connector of the Zest_Power_12-48V. You need a JST VHR-2M connector.