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Build your first eML app

Build the eML example

Build the eML example from command line.

Note The references below should be changed appropriately for the board in use:

  • 6TRON_BOARD: 6TRON board name (eg. Zest_Core_STM32L4A6RG)
  • 6TRON_BOARD_REPO: 6TRON board name in lowercase-with-hyphens (eg. zest-core-stm32l4a6rg)
  • MBED_TARGET: 6TRON board custom target name in Mbed OS (eg. ZEST_CORE_STM32L4A6RG), see 6TRON Flash Tool
  • JLINK_DEVICE: SEGGER J-Link device name (eg. STM32L4A6RG), see 6TRON Flash Tool

Import the Mbed OS example blinky:

workon mbed-os
mbed import mbed-os-example-blinky

Download the 6TRON board support files:

cd mbed-os-example-blinky
git clone

Copy the custom target file to the root of the project:

cp 6TRON_BOARD_REPO/custom_targets.json .

Define a target and a toolchain for your project:

mbed target MBED_TARGET
mbed toolchain GCC_ARM


mbed compile

Flash the target

Connect to the board with a SEGGER JLink probe.

Then flash the built example using the 6TRON Flash Tool (do not forget to substitute JLINK_DEVICE and MBED_TARGET with correct values):

sixtron_flash JLINK_DEVICE BUILD/MBED_TARGET/GCC_ARM/mbed-os-example-blinky.elf