What is 6TRON?

6TRON is a development environment of professional solutions in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), developed by CATIE.

From rapid prototyping to the creation of an optimized object and its operating means, you are guided by the resources of the 6TRON platform and, if you wish to, accompanied by its ecosystem.

Composed of territory experts, especially from the electronics industry, it covers all major themes of IIoT.

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The Platform

6TRON platform offers a whole set of means and tools to accelerate the creation process and market launch of IIoT solutions.

Its main goal is to help companies to imagine new services and to assist them in the prototyping, development and market operating of these.

The hardware, software and cloud bricks proposed by 6TRON, by its open-source nature, will allow you to develop your solutions, optimized to your needs, with objects for which you will have full operating property rights.

Présentation 6tron
Présentation 6tron
Présentation 6tron

The hardware platform

The hardware platform is composed of a set of electronic boards and embedded software libraries to simplify and accelerate the realization of a proof of concept (POC). It offers motherboards ranging from low consumption microcontrollers to complex architectures integrating microprocessors and FPGA within the same SOC, interoperable with daughterboards performing output interfaces (sensor, transducer, communication, energy management...) but also a powerful development framework, independent of the hardware.

After POC validation, the platform provides a set of tools and industrial methods to assist the transition to an integrated and optimized object. Hardware and software sources, analysis documents (testability, reliability ...), as well as tutorials and use cases are available and operable to facilitate the implementation of your own projects in IIoT.

Présentation 6tron

The IoT platform

The IoT platform allows the objects’ administration through a set of hosted services in the cloud or on your servers. It stores and restores data sent by the objects through secure channels. Thought in a modular way, the platform makes it possible to choose the most adapted bricks to the information valorization goals.

Its open design offers the possibility of connection with various operating tools, display, or even integration with third-party applications. Several versions are available (open source or proprietary) in order to address constraints (price, confidentiality) with the utmost flexibility.

Available preset and associated with visualization tools, the platform allows a quick start of your data valorization.

The ecosystem of support

Even if 6TRON platform provides efficient means and methods for its project realization in IIoT, the steps from idea to market are numerous and involve multiple skills.

Ecosystème de Support

If they are not available in your company or with your usual partners, 6TRON platform offers a panel of experts able to support you effectively.

6TRON community

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Whatever your profile, you will find in 6TRON the ways to make your creativity flourish in the demanding world of IIoT. Created on industrial bases, 6TRON platform is resolutely independent, open and collaborative in order to take up the many challenges of the IIoT. Being a member means accessing our mostly open-source hardware bricks, software and cloud, and a qualified ecosystem. These will allow you to develop your own objects and services faster, optimized to the needs and uses of your customers.

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You have skills in electronics, embedded software or in big data technologies and you want to highlight them? Thanks to its professional and modular architecture, 6TRON allows you to bring them to the community as interoperable bricks with the other elements of the platform.

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You are a service company involved in the thematic of IIoT and you want to take advantage of the unprecedented boom that is foreseen? 6TRON highlights your abilities while simplifying your task thanks to the professionalization and standardization of your clients' requests.

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As a non-profit organization, CATIE offers an approach essentially driven by the economic success of its members in the global market of IIoT, while promoting the development of the territorial ecosystem and the use of its capabilities and skills. This initiative seduces you and you wish to support it? Join us as a sponsor.

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6TRON acronym, only relevant in french language, is about creation and linkage of an industrial ecosystem and technological expertises for an end-to end and efficient solution to develop and launch digital objects